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I have probably too young to like these things. I do not do these things publicly. Meaning, I do not share my sexuality with others. This sort of thing is very taboo and rather dangerous to share.
I have joined this site hoping that someone will share with me, videos so that I can learn more about doggies.
Would it be too much to ask, if soeone can share with me, a video of a dog getting a nice oral sex gift? A blow job!
This is thing thing I love to do with dogs most!
I let my dog hump me but i have a small vagina. It hurts. Therefore I mostly do Blow Job services to him.
My girlfriend helps me and she is great at it as well..
We would like to see more videos of this. Does any one have a link to a very good video? I mostly am seeing old videos..

Thank you.
Cherry and Friend.

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Hey, suche nach Sie oder Paar mit gewissen Möglichkeiten ( Bauernhof? )!

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dose anyone want to snapchat me inbox me your snapchat name

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Eles me chamam de Simon, Sim Simão e eu sou um bom garoto. Bem, é o que Mike diz: "É um bom garoto, Simon. Um cachorro muito bom. "Oh, eu esqueci de te contar, eu moro com Mike e Sally. Eles são legais e cuidam bem de mim. Cuidado também com eles. Proteja-os e dê-lhes companhia. Eu sei quando eles estão tristes, então eu apenas venho até eles e sentei por eles, eles colocaram as mãos na minha cabeça, me digam que eu sou um bom menino e nos sentimos melhor.

Nós fazemos um bom pacote. Às vezes, quando Sally está no calor, adoro esse cheiro nela, eles me deixam brincar com eles. Sally gosta quando a lamber. Mike também me ama. Ele faz meu pau ficar duro tão rápido que eu começar a empurrar. Então vejo Sally ficar de quatro e Mike me diz que fique com ela. Eu ouço Sallly dar uma moagem quando Mike coloca meu pau nela. Eu começo a empurrar Harde. Eu sinto meu nó entrar. Sally se sente tão quente e apertada, empurro mais e cum .... Demora um pouco para eu sair. Não quero ferir Sally. Mike diz: "É um bom garoto, Simon. Um cachorro muito bom ".

Tenho que ir agora, ouço Mike whisling. Espero contar mais tarde ... adeus ...

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Me llaman Simon, y Simon y yo soy un buen chico. Bueno, eso es lo que Mike dice: 'Eres un buen chico, Simon. Un perro muy bueno. "Ah, se me olvidó decirte, vivo con Mike y Sally. Son amables y me cuidan muy bien. Los cuido muy bien también. Protégelos y dales compañía. Sé cuándo están tristes así que solo me les acerco y me siento junto a ellos, me ponen las manos en la cabeza, me dicen que soy un buen chico y que nos sentimos mejor.

Hacemos un buen paquete. A veces, cuando Sally está en celo, me encanta su olor, me dejan jugar con ellos. A Sally le gusta cuando la lamo. Mike también me acaricia. Él hace que mi polla se endurezca tan rápido que empiezo a empujar. Luego veo a Sally ponerse a cuatro patas y Mike me dice que la ataque. Escuché que Sallly cedió una siega cuando Mike me metió la polla. Empiezo a empujar a endurecerme. Siento que mi nudo entra. Sally se siente tan caliente y apretada, empujo más fuerte y corro ... Me lleva un tiempo sacarme. No quiero lastimar a Sally. Mike dice: 'Eres un buen chico, Simon. Un muy buen perro ".

Tengo que irme ahora, escucho a Mike susurrando. Espero contarte más más tarde ... adiós ...

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Hello I am interested in connecting with like minded people for a chat and possible meets i enjoy a sexy fun time.

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Hello, bienvenue sur mon profil
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I've managed to contact Jenny on tumblr and asked about the dog videos. She will sell them over paypal, for 100 each (I assume Euros). Anyone want to pool together?

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Does anyone know of any other videos of Andy being penetrated by a hores? I have only found one after years of searching and it's without sound. This women has fit just about everything into her box and is more then capable as you can plainly see here

So why not more. All her hores movies is just a bunch of sucking and rubbing. Where is the good stuff?

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They call me Simon, yup Simon and I'm a good boy. Well, that's what Mike says, 'Your a good boy Simon. A very good dog." Oh, I forgot to tell you, I live with Mike and Sally. They are nice and take good care of me. I take good care of them too. Protect them and give them company. I know when they are sad so i just come up to them and sit by them they put thier hands on my head, tell me I'm a good boy and we feel better.
We make a good pack. Sometimes when Sally is in heat, I love that smell on her, they let me play with them. Sally likes it when I lick her. Mike also pets me. He makes my dick get hard so fast that I start to thrust. I then see Sally get on all fours and Mike tell me to get on her. I hear Sallly give out a mown when Mike puts my dick in her. I start to thrust harde. I feel my knot go inside. Sally feels so warm and tight, I thrust harder and cum.... It takes a while for me to pull out. I don't want to hurt Sally. Mike says, 'Your a good boy Simon. A very good dog."
I have to go now, I hear Mike whisling. Hope to tell you more later... bye..