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Hello everyone, we are activating the old videos uploaded which are about 2 or 3 thousand, with the new videos have a little patience please, it is not necessary to upload the video more than 1 time.

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Hi to all, who whats to know more about this girl, pm me

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Would love to meet like minded people be it male or female.
Zodat ik mijn fantasie eindelijk kan delen.

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hi all some person who have more videos Dog CumShot Tribute?

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Wir suchen gleichgesinnte für Erfahrungsaustausch,sind neu auf dem Gebiet aber durchaus neugierig.
Vielleicht sind ja Paare mit Erfahrung hier anzutreffen.

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I'm pretty new to bestiality or zoo whatever you want to call it. When I was young school boy, I accidentally saw an image on a adult story book, where a lady's mound is being sucked by a dog and the lady is sucking a guy's cock. that turned me on and i started to find more about it. till then now, this is my dream to have threesome with dog and a lady. then, I bought BFI CDs (definitely those were pirated), on that time only dial-up connections were available. so, there were no time to wasting time and money on internet.

Few days back, I was fortunate to dog-sit, my neighbour's German Shepherd and Great Dane, two beautiful male dogs. Slowly we became free, after 3 months, one beautiful night i fulfilled my dream of sucking and swallowing dog cum. Though I'm a male and do not any interest in human dick.

Then i started looking for ladies near me on forums, like AOZ, ZB, BL. Till now I've made beautiful friends around the world, except my own country! So, my journy of chasing my dream still on. If anyone interested, just knock me.

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I wish all of you a happy new year and may you have lots of fun this year, as much or more than last year :3

Sometimes life might be rough and try to drag you down and sometimes it's merciless. But even so, don't give up, keep fighting to achieve happiness. Don't give up, even when you think there is nothing worth in life. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade :p

We all have reached bad points in our life and many of us are at such a point even right now. I've struggled a lot with depression before, with social anxieties, caused by my gender dysphoria but even so, I believe that I can find happiness, if not right away then sometime in the future, if I just search for it!

So don't lose hope and take the start of a new year as a point to better yourself, because that is really the only thing you can change in this world.

Search out ways for you to be happy, be it through friends, family, love, hobbys, gaming, whatever, as long as you can say you are happy.

With that said, again, a happy new year to all of you other weirdos(in a good way) ;)

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Hi im looking for people that live near me.
If you interested send me a message;)

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