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Hallo an alle,
ich bin ein 29 jähriger Mann der nach realen Kontakten im Raum NRW sucht. Bin Bi und mit Tieren unerfahren aber das darf sich gerne ändern.

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Are there any besti lovers in idaho

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I'm desperately searching for women near Philadelphia, PA, who are k9 owners, active with their pets and who'd love to share that pet with a mature man who's obsessed with k9 cock and cum but can't.own his own. If this could be you, please message me ASAP so we can see if the chemistry is right!

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Hi guyz, in this moment i have a project, maybe if beastialitylovers, give me a oportunity the beastiality world can change :) this is a great family i saw many videos, but i thing that can be great :)

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I wish I could send it to me and anyone who has new clips I hope to send it to me or sites I hope to send it to me I love dogs and I love to have sex with her is violent in sex but that I like I also love sex with the pig.

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The dog fucked her boss' ass so mercilessly that she almost fell over a few times, but bravely pushed back against it. Andressa meanwhile could suck on the juicy twat and enjoyed it so much that her fingers dug deeper and deeper in the millionaire's fuck hole, to get even to the last remains of sperm. Soon, she stuck inside her with all four fingers as she noticed the other hole getting fucked fast and deep close by.

Carolina groaned more and more into the dog cock, which she kept between her lips until she couldn't hold back anymore. With a long “Aaaaahhhhhh,” she let go of the Dalmatian and the rest of his ejaculate ran down her lips and from there dripped on the pussy of the assistant under her, while the shepherd filled up her asshole with warm, thick cum.

Andressa held onto her when the dog finally slipped out, leaving Carolina weak and trembling on her knees. The businesswoman let her assistant hold her, as she wallowed happy and satisfied in her sperm inebriation. “Mmh,” she stuttered, when she tried to pull herself up on a fence. “S-so good. J-ust w-what I nnnn-needed.”

The assistant reached under her arms and pulled her torn and dirty dress straight as best she could, and then looked down on herself. Her breasts could be seen clearly through the sperm-drenched blouse and her skirt was in tatters as well, but she didn't mind. She was here to serve, and Senhora Lemos didn't mind when it came to buying her new clothes.

She cast a last, longing glance back at the dogs, which disappeared into the distant darkness, and then led Carolina proud and happy back to the company headquarters.

Nothing was better than a night in the park with her boss. Absolutely nothing.

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The millionaire enjoyed the feeling to be filled to the brim and listened to the sucking noises of her assistant, who continued to batten on the thick cock. “Uhh, it's coming out,” she finally said when she felt the knot shrink again.

Quickly, Andressa turned and slid under the legs of her boss, where she watched the thick red cock above herself pulling out of the twat, until it suddenly slipped out and a gush of dog sperm slapped her straight in the face. She arched up fast and licked the rest off the hairy cunt of her boss, when the next dog already jumped her, hammering his cudgel into the well-oiled fuck hole.

From her position, Andressa could see the rich pussy getting split open by the thick red dog cock, which drilled inside her with fast, strong thrusts, all the way up, while Carolina gasped and groaned. “Oh my God,” she whined. “They're demolishing me. So hot!”

With every thrust a little more sperm started dripping from the brimful cunt and dripped down on the assistant's nice blouse, until it was completely soaked and her small, rosy breasts began to shine through. Andressa enjoyed the rain of sperm and lapped up everything she could off her face, as another mutt was licking her irregularly between her legs. She raised her pelvis, hoping to get a nice thick cock herself, but in vain – other than the rough, wet tongue, she felt nothing.

The Dalmatian that stuck in her boss soon climaxed as well, but didn't get stuck and instead slid right out of her stretched, slippery muff, squirting the rest of his juice across her butt. Andressa watched with some fascination as his cock didn't seem to ever want to stop squirting, and then scooted a little to the side, where she let his sperm run into her mouth.

In the meantime, more dogs had gathered around them, and Carolina got jumped continuously, while she only uttered deep groans and aroused whimpers and gasps. “Mmmoooorrreeeee,” she moaned. “Give me mooore.”

Andressa sighed and with a heavy heart led the still hard Dalmation in front of the millionaire's face, bending his cock over to her so she could suck on him as well. Starved, Carolina pounced the thick, red rod and took it deep into her mouth, while on her back a long-haired dog was poised, who took her from behind.

Carefully, the neglected assistant slid under her boss again and positioned her head between her legs, to at least get a taste of sperm there. She didn't have to wait long either, until the next dog squirted a fat load into the sore fucked hole, which immediately started dripping on the young woman's face again. She slurped and licked the hairy muff, when a strong shepherd jumped the wanton woman and thrust his cock suddenly into her tight ass, slippery from all the sperm so that it almost posed no resistance.

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Alessandra started to spread the cream carefully along the butt crack of her boss and left a cute topping on her clit, where it lay in her pubes like in a nest. She had not yet finished spraying when she already heard the familiar panting, as three street mutts were already circling them from a distance. She put a little cream on her fingers and held it out to them, and it didn't take long until one of them, a large black mix with short fur and strong legs, began to lap it up eagerly. She led the sweet tooth closer to Carolina's butt, and the dog soon went on to lick up the cream between her legs.

Carolina groaned when she felt the wet, rough dog tongue on her pussy, and the eagerness with which he was licking her, faster and harder than any man could, she thought. There was a reason why she let out her urges here, and not with a two-legged partner, after all.

The dog soon started to enjoy her taste and continued licking even when the cream was all gone. Her assistant, meanwhile, reached determined between his legs and started to caress the tip of his fuck cone, which already peeked out curiously. To her satisfaction, the mutt's cock started growing quickly into a firm, red beauty, which could compete with any human specimen. She wanted to lead him a little closer to Carolina when the black dog already jumped the elegant woman and started to thrust his hips hard and wild against her butt. A squeak indicated that he had hit his target, and started to fuck her like there was no tomorrow.

“Oh my God,” Carolina whimpered. “Oh God oh God oh God. He's so big! He's huge!” And all the way up inside me, she thought, as if he wanted to impale me. That was just the fuck she needed today: Here, on the floor, taken by a street dog like the dirtiest, skankiest slut.

Behind her Andressa already lured in the next candidate, this time with her own twat, which wasn't any less hairy and willing than her boss'. She lay on her back, her legs spread, and sprayed the cream into her muff until it felt like a whole pack of cocks had shot a huge load of cum inside of her and filled her hole to the brim. A Dalmatian mix came finally to a halt next to her and ran his long tongue across her furry bush, while the Assistant leaned over to work his swelling penis with her lips.

She loved the taste of dog sperm, and the way the dog's cock started growing inside her mouth already gave her a hint of what she could expect when he would finally dump his load in her. Irregular small spurts hit her tongue and she swallowed them greedily as she was blowing the mutt.

Besides her, Carolina felt the large dog on her back reach a climax quickly. When they're going, nothing can stop them, she thought admiringly and finally cried out as she felt the thick gush of sperm getting pumped into her famished cunt, as the other end of the dog cock swelled up and corked her twat shut. She moaned and groaned as the large dog lay on top of her, unable to move.

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They stopped at the tea kitchen, where the assistant packed her usual utensils – whipped cream and honey – and then took the elevator from Carolina's office floor all the way down to the garage. “Bend over,” Carolina said suddenly when the door closed behind them. Without hesitation, Andressa obeyed and bent forward, holding onto the railing in the elevator and watched herself in the mirrored wall as her boss pushed her short skirt up over her butt. “The cream,” Carolina demanded again.

Andressa pulled the long can out of her bag and handed it backward, where it was taken from her hands. Soon, she felt Carolina's fingers brush across her labia, and then the thin plastic tip of the can, as it was inserted inside of her. Only a little, almost unnoticed. But when the cream shot up inside her with a loud “shhhhh” sound, she felt it all the more strongly and couldn't stop herself from moaning satisfied.

Even more than that she loved to feel the tongue of her boss on her slit, where she licked up the sweet, sticky cream once more, welling up out of her wet hole. And just when Carolina let go of her and licked the last remnants of pussy cream off her fingers, the elevator came to a halt and the doors opened, where to Andressa's horror she found herself face to face with a group of cleaners, pushing out her smeared and exposed butt towards them.

She quickly picked herself up again and straightened her skirt embarrassedly, and then she left the building with her boss through the back entrance, where they were greeted by the warm, fresh night air of Sao Paolo. Behind them she could hear the women whisper, but none of them dared to say anything to them – her boss was too well known, and her power too great.

It was already past midnight on a week day, and the streets were quiet. On occasion, a car drove past them and a few pedestrians were still on their way, but the more they got out of the business district, the more desolate the surroundings would get, and the darker it would become.

Finally, they had reached the small park, which both women already knew all too well from their adventures. There, they went down a side alley on the edge of a dilapidated building. After a few metres they left the last street lamp behind and nobody was in sight anywhere. Without losing a word, Carolina went down on all fours, expectantly, while Andressa took a last glance around and then knelt behind her boss.

She pulled out the whipped cream again and this time pushed up the tight, expensive, sheeny skirt of the millionaire's dress, until her pale, white butt cheeks were exposed and shone lightly in the distant light of the street lamp. Carolina usually didn't wear underwear to work, partly out of laziness, partly for provocation, and expected her closest assistants to do the same. Accordingly, many in the boss' office knew the thick, dark blonde bush that peeked out from between her legs, covering her pussy.

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Frustrated, Carolina pushed herself back in her chair and closed her eyes. It was already late, and still the last shareholders had only now left the conference room, so she enjoyed the silence for a moment. Business was flourishing, and the conference went as she had hoped, which left her with a euphoric and satisfied feeling. As the heir of the Lemos corporation, and with the way things stood now, she was probably the richest woman in Sao Paolo, if not one of the richest in all of Brazil. And every time she thought of that, she felt a certain longing between her legs.

Success and money turned her on like nothing else, and even though she didn't have time nor patience, nor frankly, even the desire for a partner, she had ways and means to satisfy her urges. When she opened her eyes again, her gaze ran slowly across the long table, still littered with drinks and papers. Her assistant Andressa stood somewhat shyly aside, trying not to disturb her boss, while at the same time being at her service.

Carolina smiled. “I think I'll go out for a bit,” she said and took a look out of the window onto the dark, sleeping city that lay underneath.

Andressa nodded and immediately knew what the millionaire had in mind. “Should I accompany you?” she asked amicably.

Carolina eyed her sceptically. “Depends on what you're up for,” she replied.

It was an old game that unfolded between the two, and Andressa knew what her boss was getting at. Of course, Carolina wanted to be joined, but at the same time she wanted to get the impression that Andressa had the same urges as herself. The assistant, on the other hand, liked it better to get told – no, ordered – what to do, and felt uneasy just openly admitting her preferences, even though she couldn't think of anything more exciting than to accompany the powerful, rich woman on her secret endeavours.

It could all be so easy, she thought. They both wanted the same, lusted for the same experiences, but approached them from two opposite ends. Andressa bit her lip and finally lowered her head when she answered: “You know I am always up for going out with you. No matter what happens.”

Carolina's smile got a little more serious. She got up and stepped closer to the shy young woman. “And what's supposed to happen?” she asked sternly and looked deep into her assistant's eyes.

Andressa gulped. Every time, she thought. Every time this woman managed to make her crazy, from lust, from desire, from pure horniness. With a low, croaking voice she replied: “My entire submission under your will, Senhora. My body and spirit are at your disposal, for you to turn me into the lowest, dirtiest street slut.”

Carolina clicked her tongue satisfied. “Well, that sounds excellent, so let's not waste any time,” she said and grabbed her handbag. Without any further delay, she headed for the exit, while Andressa tried hard to keep up with her.