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3 views · 2 days ago

Never understood why people have such a problem with not uploading. Some of us just don't have original content. I can take 30 seconds and upload something that's already here but all that does is clutter up the place with duplicates. Who does that serve?

39 views · 6 days ago

Hi Guys! How are u?
Well, i dont know why im doing this, but latelly i see some things here that make me very unhappy.
Sorry about my english, im a brazilian girl who is bit curious about this world, im never do anything with a dog and this is the first site i ever enter. I even dont have a dog to try, but im curious as i say it.
The first thing came into me is that every video is a private one, like if u guys and girls dont want to share.
Im in a comunnity, a sex one, that is a lot different than this where everyone share and have friends and its good, you can meet new ones and talk about everything.
I feel in this site like u have TO BEG just for a simple friendship because every one here have a kind of fear to stole their videos. I mean, serious??
This text its just me letting go... Like i said im new to it, and talk with some peoples here, nice peoples, but some behavior of some user i cant understand..
For me that new to this, it fells like im not welcome here, and im pretty sure that most of woman feel like that..

28 views · 9 days ago

If you do not have good content, please save my time by staying away from you. Hug.

15 views · 11 days ago

Hi! that I can watch private videos?

58 views · 11 days ago

for special TR lovers, I can make custom-made movies. I will answer any questions.270 films over the years

92 views · 19 days ago

I find the combination of domination and animal sex irresistible. I love nothing better than to see a woman crawling on a leash, knees wide apart, knowing she's being taken to get a hard deep fucking from a big dog.
It's not just the fucking I enjoy, it's her complete submission to him. It's seeing him deep inside her, knowing he's fertilizing her, knowing she's going to be spending the day with his cum inside her.
I want to see his cock thoroughly sucked too, and his cum on her face and in her mouth and on her tits and in her stomach. I want her completely belonging to him, her pussy belonging to him, and living in complete submission to him.
And I want her leash trained, well trained to leash commands, trained to keep her knees well apart while she's walking and waiting, her pussy open, on display, and available at all times.
For me, the ideal living situation is a well trained submissive living in a house with a man and three to four large dogs, and her keeping them all well satisfied through submission and obedience.

71 views · 21 days ago

hello all please do not put the normal videos in the private one if it is zoo I understand it. but normal porn videos not in private ....