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Hi poeples ive had many knots but in the past would love to be knotted again.

396 views · 23 days ago

I made a donkey cum......

54 views · 24 days ago

Suche Hunde und Pferde Besitzer die auch offen und tabulos sind für treffen und.aus Tauch für die geiles treffen Gruß Udo

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Wave everyone!
I have read stories, stories and stories, I have seen several videos of zoo, (or the few that I could find in my searches).
I am new nen this, I wake up a lot of curiosity and I would like to know more but ... but obviously it is not easy to find people and even more to discuss the subject with the majority, including also the chat.
It would be a pleasure to share conversation, exchange opinions and experiences with you.
Thanks a lot and big kiss.

743 views · 30 days ago

this is Fernanda and me

she and I are going to pair with 4 dogs, we will record and upload the video. We need your help to give us ideas of what to do in the video during the 20 minutes and how to dress. Detail the actions well, is what you will see in the baby video, you will be the director of these dogs

do you like this slutty?

71 views · 32 days ago

Hi I'm looking for female friends from Illinois or anywhere else within 500miles . Also any pregnant girl interested in doing doggie movie? I havea few great ideas and pro crew can be arrange If anyone interested msg me plz.

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Any indian ladies who have experience with donkeys and poneis or any sort of bestiality act here. If so i would really like to ask em help

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I would like to find a male dog (or other animal) to explore my fantasies. I am in Plainfield Indiana. I'm also on kik as billy4995. I have never been knotted, but did play with an Irish Setter for about 45 secs. many years ago. Thanks for any responses or leads. Liam

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Hola todos !
He leído historias, relatos y cuentos, he visto varios vídeos de zoo, ( o los pocos que pude encontrar en mis búsquedas ).
Soy nuevo nen esto, me despierta muchísima curiosidad y me.gustaría saber más pero... pero evidentemente no es fácil encontrar personas y aún más el conversar del tema con la mayoría, incluyendo también los chat.
Sería un gusto compartir conversación, intercambiar opiniones y Experiencias con vosotros.
Desde ya mil gracias y beso grande.

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Ciao a tutti dall'Italia